Without having a dinner in our restaurants your won´t get a full experience. In the Cigales Wine Route the gastronomy occupies a fundamental place, equally for products used, cooks preparing the dishes and different types of restaurants where you can taste our delicacies, dipped in rich wines from the DO Cigales.

The quality of raw material is fundamental and in our territory we can especially highlight the typical black pudding from Cigales, the so called “village bread” [Pan de pueblo] so delicious and appreciated in our region, our cheese, chocolate produced since 1891 in La Trapa and juicy meat served as suckling lamb [lechazo] or steaks. Products protected by the quality marks Tierra de sabor or Protected Geographical Indication of Lechazo of Castile and León.

In our restaurants you can enjoy both innovative and traditional cuisine; not to mention pinchos and tapas in our bars and taverns specialised in our wines. The location of those gastronomic corners is other important characteristic, as they may be placed in traditional wineries, old fortresses or decorated, varying from Art Deco to Castilian rural style.

In order to enjoy our gastronomic wealth at any time and place it is also possible to purchase these products at our branches or even at our on-line store of the Route, created to reach even the most remote parts of the world.

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