Our Wine Route has been visited by such significant historical figures as the Catholic Monarchs, Philip II or Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as, important Castilian nobility or Cistercian and Trappist clergy. The wine was produced in the Cigales Wine Route since the 10th century. The wine is of a great importance since the Middle Ages, and it´s deeply rooted among its people.


Such was a celebrity of those wines that when the Court of Philip III was established in Valladolid (1601-1606) the wine form the Cigales region was consumed in the capital, consequently gaining great fame.

After some centuries of decadence, during the middle of the XIX century, the extension of the vineyards increases as a consequence of French phylloxera. French wine-growers were buying grapes in Spain showing Spaniards the advanced French techniques, learning their methods in order to improve the ones already existing. The phylloxera has reached Cigales in a form of a testimony at the beginning of the XX century without any greater importance.

The foundation of the DO Cigales in 1991 consolidated Cigales as the region producing wines of major quality, increasing production, commercialization and export. Since the beginnings of the XXI century the businesses were expanding due to the introduction of the wine tourism.

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