Fields and vineyards

Discover the landscape of fields and vineyards which will make you fall in love with, which will let you enjoy the moment. Even if you don’t believe it, the landscape keeps changing both in colour and sensations. A tourist has a wide offer of activities which will fulfil his stay at our Route. Walking among our vineyards, towpaths along the Canal of Castile, passes of Cabezón or Pisuerga banks provide unforgettable experience.

On foot, by bike or horseback… any of these means of transport is recommended to enjoy our spots and harvest the art of photography. There are plenty of hiking routes which allow relaxing while being surrounded by the landscape combining natural, historical and cultural heritage. The GR 26 “Tierra de Campos” which passes Mucientes, diverse pathways of Cabezón de Pisuerga or the Route of Chozos de Dueñas are places to take pleasure in nature and heritage.



Sport is strongly linked to our wine region as it´s an area where there are always sport events going on. It´s worth noticing the long tradition of the ones celebrated in Dueñas.

Passing the Canal of Castile or Pisuergas River we may visit pottery workshop and learn how the reproductions of the pottery bowls are made, which our ancestors used to drink wine from; visit chocolate factory with the traditional recipe dating back to 1891; enjoy animal farm in blissful surroundings or ride a horse in an equestrian centre. And all these complementary activities, offered in our Route, along with the dynamism of our wineries, restaurants and accommodation. Will you miss that?

And if you want to get more out of from our Route, you may also hire a tourist guide which will organize a tour adjusted to your needs with the full explanation of all our resources.

The route is full of antique wonders. Discover its heritage.Let's go!